Unraveling the True Cost of HR Systems

04 Dec 23

In the dynamic landscape of human resources (HR) management, the choice of an HR system is a crucial decision for businesses worldwide. Beyond the initial investment, understanding the long-term costs associated with system customisation and maintenance is imperative. Let’s delve into the real expenses tied to HR systems, shedding light on how the innovative South African-developed HR Manage stands out by offering cost-effective flexibility.


The Hidden Costs of International Systems

Many businesses relying on international HR systems find themselves grappling with exorbitant expenses when it comes to making even minor adjustments. Consultants, often charging between R750 and R7000 per hour, become a necessary but costly resource for configuring changes, especially in areas like Performance Management and Workflow setup. These unforeseen expenses can quickly accumulate, leaving organizations questioning the true value of their HR investment.

As organizations explore the intricate landscape of HR systems, the financial considerations weigh heavily on decision-makers. While international systems boast appealing features, the associated costs can be a significant deterrent.  The license fees for these systems often start at $7 per employee per month, however, the allure of these seemingly competitive rates is often overshadowed by the hidden implementation costs which can easily balloon to millions of rands.  This is where HR Manage steps in as a game-changer.  HR Manage is a South African-developed solution that not only meets local requirements but also offers a compelling advantage: a pricing structure that is less than half of the cost of comparable international systems at a fraction of the cost of their implementations without being at the mercy of the currency exchange rate volatility.

In addition to the financial burden associated with international systems, a pervasive irony surfaces: despite their hefty price tags, some of these “prestige” systems often fall short in performing the same functions as HR Manage without extensive and expensive modifications (which takes years to implement).  This underscores a critical consideration for organizations, highlighting that the initial investment may only be the tip of the iceberg in terms of realizing the desired functionality, whereas HR Manage offers robust capabilities out of the box, minimizing the need for costly and intricate adjustments.


HR Manage: A Proudly South African Solution

HR Manage, a proudly South African-developed system that not only meets the essential South African Reporting requirements like Skills Development (SETA), Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE), and Employment Equity reporting but also provides a streamlined and cost-effective approach to customisation.

Template-based Flexibility

One standout feature of HR Manage is its template-based approach. Unlike systems that require intricate development work for every change, HR Manage’s templates empower users to make adjustments easily and without additional costs.  This is particularly evident in Performance Management, where organizations can customise the structure, weightings, and presentation of calculations — all without spending an extra cent.

Customisation without Constraints

In the world of workflows, HR Manage stands out by enabling organizations to customise processes per branch, department, or any specific need.  The flexibility offered through templates ensures that customisation is not just a possibility but a seamless and cost-free reality.  This ability to tailor Performance scorecards for each department and workflows for various organisational units underscores HR Manage’s commitment to providing a system that adapts to unique business requirements.

Limitless Workflows at No Extra Cost

Workflows within HR Manage are designed for user autonomy.  Power users can effortlessly build and modify an unlimited number of workflows without the need for consultants or additional development costs.  This self-sufficiency not only saves money but also fosters a dynamic and responsive approach to process management.  This adaptability underscores HR Manage’s commitment to providing a system that tailors itself to the unique business requirements of each organizational unit.

People Resolutions Partnership

Beyond the inherent flexibility of HR Manage, the partnership with People Resolutions adds another layer of value. With a Service Level Agreement (SLA) in place, users gain anytime access to consultants for assistance, forming a collaborative partnership aimed at ensuring the ongoing success of the HR system.  This support model sets HR Manage apart as a true partner in an organization’s journey towards effective HR management.

In the realm of HR systems, the true cost goes beyond the initial investment — it extends to the expenses incurred in making necessary adjustments and maintaining system relevance.  HR Manage, with its South African roots and template-based approach, emerges as a cost-effective solution that empowers organizations to customise without constraints.  As businesses navigate the intricacies of HR management, HR Manage and the partnership with People Resolutions offer a beacon of flexibility, efficiency, and long-term value.



In the quest for a robust HR management solution in the current economic conditions, the financial aspect is a critical factor.  HR Manage not only aligns seamlessly with the specific needs of the South African environment but also offers a cost-effective alternative.  Costing a fraction of the cost of international systems, HR Manage combines transparency, stability, and affordability, making it a compelling choice for organizations seeking long-term financial stability without compromising on the quality of their HR management system.  As businesses weigh their options, the undeniable cost advantage of HR Manage positions it as a frontrunner in the pursuit of efficient and budget-friendly HR solutions.

In the ever-evolving landscape of HR systems, the choice between international and local solutions carries significant implications for businesses. As we conclude our exploration of the true costs and advantages associated with HR Manage, it becomes clear that a cost-effective, transparent, and locally developed solution can offer substantial benefits, especially in the South African context.

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