01 Aug 22


Automate any manual business process with configurable workflow software. A Workflow is defined as a sequence of tasks that processes data through a specific path. They can be used to structure any kind of business function regardless of industry. Essentially, anytime data is passed between humans and/or systems, a workflow is created.

HR Workflows will assist to streamline any manual business process. Where approvals and supporting documents are required, the workflows module is the place to go.

HR Manage offers extensive functionality in the Forms and Workflow Module. With a range of activity types to choose from, (Auto-fill forms, Sign Off’s, Questionnaires, Automated Decisions, Auto-fill documents e.g., contracts, and many more.) you can enforce business rules. Workflows provide the foundation for data integrity.

Some of the functionality within the forms and workflow module in HR Manage:

  • Sign Off – Approve / Reject an activity
  • Form – Design a form with your own questions
  • Decision – Evaluate information captured in the workflow and move to different activities based on the data.
  • Load Requirements – Load compliance requirements for an employee
  • Generate Document – Generate a document containing information captured during the workflow
  • Import from Workflow – Collect all the data captured in the workflow and create or update an employee with the captured information.
  • Custom Plugin Activities – New custom activities can be developed per client that performs specific operations (i.e. send/receive data to an external system)

Examples of what our customers use it for are from the Mining Industry to the Manufacturing Industry and More.

  • HR Software for On-boarding, Transfers, and Termination of employees
  • Covid Vaccine status Record keeping and Compliance Reports.
  • Change in Conditions of Employment
  • Change Request on Medical Aid Benefits
  • Request approval for Overtime Work
  • Automated UIF processing, ex. TERS
  • Temporary Staff Movements
  • Incident Reporting System
  • Non-Transformational Employment Requests
  • Study Assistance / Bursary Applications
  • Request for systems access
  • Probation Tracking with performance reviews in the workflow

Other Benefits:

  • No-code workflows. Administrators can build the workflows.
  • Completely customised to your business requirements.